Added By: Stuart
V2 Feb 2021

As a rule, Infinite Bloc sites enjoy great visibility and an excellent reputation on search engines.

You can set up your own SEO options as below:

Click on the drop-down Settings option on the top left side of the screen. Then select the option - SEO/Analytics.

You will be taken to this screen:

Here, you can describe your site and choose how it will appear in search engines.

1. Choose your site’s visibility to search engines. Usually, you should select Visible To All Search Engines.

2. Enter your site’s 'Title', the relevant 'Keywords' and a short 'Description' of what it’s about. The keywords are limited to about ten words since Google will ignore more than ten words, making it ineffective. Also, make sure to use words that appear in the text in your site's body to get better search results via Google search.

3. You can also upload a 'Favicon' and a 'Social Image' that will appear when your site is shared on social media. The Favicon is the icon next to your site’s URL in the browser address bar and will also appear in your bookmarks if you were t to bookmark your site. Add a social image preview image, to appear when you, or anyone else, shares your site’s URL on social media

4. Enter your 'Google Analytics ID', and your 'Facebook Pixel ID'

Google Analytics is a great way to trace who is visiting your site and how they interact with it when they are there. We would thoroughly recommend setting this up.

You will only have a Facebook Pixel ID if you are using Facebook Adds.

When you’re finished, click 'Set' to save all settings.

Note that if you do not have all of the above information, it is not essential.

When completed, your form should look similar to the one below, (be sure to check your spelling!)


A free URL will be hard to optimise. It is recommended to have your own domain, and your brand or domain name should appear both in the title and the keywords.

The keywords are the words you want to lead to your site when visitors search on Google. It's also better to use words that are specific to your own site and avoid words like 'New York', 'Mobile' and 'Photographer'.

It is also recommended to have as many links leading to your domain as possible, including from your social media pages and accounts, relevant blogs, online magazines, etc.

Our internal SEO system is a super strong one, and sites built on it are usually first in searches, (Trust us on this one); however, this is a process that may take a couple of weeks, depending on Google's indexing so in events where the keywords are very competitive, external SEO work may be suggested.

There are several online tools in which you can check the best words for your site and can run SEO checks on sites like

These sites provide information on your domain as well as suggestions on improving specific words and phrases.

That’s it.