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V1 Jan 2021


1. You can either add a complete new ‘Store’ stripe*, or you can click on 'Elements' on your website you want to sell and select ‘Sell This Product’, we call this 2nd option Single Click E-commerce.

2. On both occasions you’ll see the option to open your stores 'Dashboard'.

You also have the option to open your stores Dashboard from the 'Stripe Settings' panel. To see the Strip Setting Panel, click the 'Gear Icon' on the right side of the stripe and click on ‘Dashboard

3. The stores Dashboard has several tabs:

The ‘Summary’ tab allows you to see the store’s amount of Sections, Products, completed Orders, and total Earnings.

Each Section represents a stripe that has items for sale on it.

You can see the sections list on the ‘Sections’ tab. You can click on each of the sections and edit its products.

You can see your products full list on the ‘All Products’ tab.

Each product has several settings:

You can set the Type & Price of the product, and more.

Note – Classifying it as ‘Physical’ will allow your buyer to enter a Shipping Address

Under the ‘Orders’ tab you will find the information on your completed orders

Under the ‘Communication’ tab you can change the email Messaging Templates which your customers receive.

Under the ‘Transfers’ tab you must add YOUR billing information.

Your funds will be transferred to your Stripe Account who will securely process the payment you.

Stripe is the same payment company used by our competitors. You can check them out Here:

To create your Stripe Account, start Here:

You will need to obtain your SK and PK Keys to link your Stripe Account to your Store.

(SK stands for ‘Secret Key’ and PK stands for ‘Publishable Key’)

Secret and Perishable keys are used to identify your Stripe Account.

You can get your Keys from within your Stripe Account under the API Keys section.

You can also get Test API Keys from the same place within your Stripe Account to test everything’s working before you set your store live. (This is a good idea).

After you have entered your SK and PK Keys, your store’s income will be transferred directly to your account with NO EXTRA FEES FROM US :)

On the ‘Settings’ tab you will find some general information regarding your store such as Currency, Email, etc.

4. You can ‘Test Buy’ your new product.

This allows you to see what your website users would see if they were to purchase the product.

5. You have the option to change each setting independently of the Dashboard we mentioned in section 3.

Click the item and select ‘Edit’ on the ‘Test Buy’ line

You will then see the items E-commerce Settings panel. Through it you can edit the items Price, Name, & Currency.

You also have the option to create a unique page for each product by selecting the ‘Open In Separate Page’ setting.

This will allow you to sell different Sizes or Colours for the specific item (These are generally termed as Variants)

On the Items page, you will be required to add several items for sale, where each item represents a different colour or Size of the same product.

That’s Basically it.

Have a play around with it until you are comfortable and don’t worry if you get it wrong the first time.

You can always just delete your ‘Store Stripe’ or your individual ‘Single Click E-commerce Elements’ and start again.

Note – When you set up items for sale the settings will only apply to the original website to which they have been applied to.

Therefore, if you were to duplicate your original website from the ‘My Sites’ section within your Infinite Bloc account, and create a whole New website from this duplication, you would have to re-link any E-commerce products to your new E-commerce Dashboard - This is expected behaviour. However, in light of this we would recommend not duplicating E-commerce websites. The Design of the website, along with other functionality would be unaffected and any other types of websites can be duplicated with no problems.

We think its very unlikely anyone would want or need to duplicate their website, but we thought we should mention this anyway.