Added By: Fernando
V2 Feb 2021

Left-click anywhere on your site, scroll down the pop-up editor and the bottom row controls the Stripe Settings.

Note, we use the terms Stripe & Section interchangeably, they are the same thing.

There are different types of menus for different type of stripes.

As a rule, the menu lets you change the background, edit the layout, add effects, and play with the stripe's general appearance. It also enables you to add new items, such as slides and text sections.

After left-clicking on your existing Stripe, Scroll over the Section Settings button, and it will expand to include options to easily Remove, Duplicate and Change the order of the items on the stripe.

Hover above items to see the available options, then click Done to save any changes.

* Pressing the Up and Down arrows will reorder accordingly the location of the stripe on the site.

* Pressing the Blue Plus (+) Button will open the Add A New Stripe / Section interface where you can select from all of there different available types of additional Stripes.

* Pressing the Interlocking Squares Sign will copy the stripe to the New Stripe / Section interface where it will be temporarily stored as the last option in the list as [PASTE]*

* Pressing the Red Cross (x) Button will remove the stripe.

To Paste it at the location of your choice:

Click on the Green Plus (+) Button to open the New Stripe / Section interface and choose the last option in the list [PASTE]