Added By: Fernando
V1 May 2020

You can navigate between your pages and manage them from the Top Toolbar.

On the left of the toolbar, you’ll see a dropdown menu with the name of the page you’re currently editing.

To navigate to a different page, simply select it from the menu.

There you will also find options for renaming or duplicating the page you’re working on.

Click the Manage Pages button to change the order of your pages, clone or delete them completely.

Hover above the thumbnail of a page, and you’ll see a small toolbar with the available options.

However, keep in mind that changes you make in this section won’t affect your website’s menu.

To do this, select Manage Menu from the Top Toolbar.

Here you can choose the design of your site’s menu, delete or arrange the order of its sections, and add links.

When you’re done editing the code, click Save.

For more customisation options, select *Page Settings in the Settings section on the top toolbar.

*Note. Page Settings may also be labelled Site Settings.