Added By: Fernando
V1 May 2020


If you are wishing to create a Multilanguage version of your website, it's worth letting us know 1st.

We will let you make as many copies of your site as you like, so you can have it in as many languages as you need, there is no limit!

In order to serve your website in more than 1 language, please take the following steps:

1. Create a new copy of your website by clicking 'Save A Copy' (found next to the Publish button).

2. We suggest saving it a name that will make sense. For example 'Spanish version'.

3. Translate the text to your desired language.

4. Publish the website.

5. Create a new CNAME record in your domain's registrar control panel. This will create a new subdomain that will host the new language version of your website, so name it something that makes sense.

The value of the CNAME record should be ''.

Example of CNAME record settings:

Host/Name - es

Value -

6. Contact our support team at with these details:

Your user name:

The current version of your website (the one that you initially upgraded):

The 'Editor URL' of your new language website (Just copy the URL from the address bar while in the editor - should look something similar to

The name of the CNAME you created (the subdomain where you want your new language website to be):

7. We will then set everything up for you on our end. There's no need for a second license.

8. We suggest to add Hreflang tag* to the header of each page.

That will help Google understand that this certain page is a different version an already existing page, only in a different language. To keep things simple - it's just something that will do good for your SEO.