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All accounts start as Free accounts and become Pro accounts at the point where you connect your domain.

To connect your domain is a three-step process.

1. Firstly, you have to purchase a domain.

2. Then you must add your domain to your Infinite Bloc site via the site settings.

3. Then you must tell your domain to send all traffic to your Infinite Bloc site by updating your DNS settings (which you do via your domain provider).

If you have read this guide and are still unsure of the procedure of connecting your domain and would like us to undertake this for you, including the domain's purchase, let us know, and we can help.


The first step is to obtain your desired domain. A domain is your website address.

A domain can be purchased from a multitude of outlets, GoDaddy ( being the most well-known outlet. As a personal recommendation, we have found Google Domains to be the most straightforward and most efficient to use. They also include a free email forwarding service and additional security, so if possible, our recommendation is to use them.

As a guide, a standard domain should cost you approximately £10 a year.

Once you have purchased your domain, you are ready to add it to your Infinite Bloc site.


1. Hover over Publish (right-hand corner of the editor page) & select Connect An Existing Domain.

The below screen will appear.

2. Click the Subscribe button to start your Pro subscription and enter your payment details.

After you successfully purchase the subscription, you will be redirected back to your site.

3. Hover over Publish (right-hand corner of the editor page) & this time select Replace Domain.

4. The above screen will show that your site is now Licenced and ready for you to connect your domain.

5. Click the Change text to enter your domain, the below screen will display.

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Connecting your existing domain also requires changing the DNS Records in your registrar* so that the domain will point to our servers and your InfiniteBloc site.

*The registrar is where you originally purchased the domain. If you don't remember who your registrar is, you can use to find out.

1. Log in to your registrar account.

2. Locate the Control Panel or Domain Manager of your domain in your registrar account.

The control panel allows you to change the DNS Records from the default ones provided by the registrar.

Different registrars may have alternate control panel layouts and other names for it as well. You might find it under DNS Manager or Domain Manager.

3. In your registrar's Control Panel, you need to change the A Record and the CNAME:

Add an (@) A Record, with the value of

Add a 'www' CNAME, with the value of

(If there are previous A records in your DNS settings - make sure to delete them).


The Below example shows the process for changing the DNS Records for a GoDaddy Domain. Whichever Domain service you have purchased your domain from will have a similar process, but their interface may look different.

1. The below image shows the existing pre-set DNS Records for a GoDaddy Domain, this is what your DNS Records will look like the first time you log into your account.

You will notice six records already pre-filled (your account may look different to this, but the gist will be the same).

Three of these records have a Pen/Edit Icon to symbolise that they can be edited, three of them do not as they should not be edited.

2. Delete the Three editable records by clicking the Pen/Edit Icon and selecting the Delete option. Your amended records will now look like the below:

3. You now need to add a new (@) A Record, with the value of & a new 'www' CNAME, with the value of

Your updated records should now look like the below image:*

*Please note that we updated our servers in 2021. The above image shows our old A record ( & CNAME (


All you are doing is following three procedures to connect your Infinite Bloc site to an existing domain.

Step 1. Purchasing your Domain.

Step 2. Adding your domain to your site.

Step 3. Updating your Domain (DNS) settings so that the domain will point to our servers and therefore to your new site.

When you completed Step 2, an email would have been automatically sent to your registered email address to confirm this action and the instructions to complete Step 3.

In summary, the email would have detailed you to update the below settings to connect your domain as below:

Add an (@) A Record, with the value of

Add a 'www' CNAME, with the value of

If you are having problems simply forward this email to your domain registrar and they will make the changes for you.

I followed the steps and my site isn't up, what should I do?

1. ‘DNS error’

It may take up to 24 hours for these changes to propagate worldwide. You can track your changes on the external website

2. Heroku error – ‘No such application’

The Heroku message means your domain's DNS is correctly set, but the domain is not connected correctly through the editor.

Please load the editor, hover on Publish > Update Live Site > Change Domain > & add the Naked Domain ( and click Connect. Make sure you do not have any extra spaces or letters and that you enter the naked domain (no www or http).

3. Error – ‘This domain is not properly configured in our system’

Please re-connect your domain through the editor according to the above instructions in Step 2.