Added By: Stuart
V1 May 2020

At the moment we don't allow the upload of files to our servers, but you can still upload your files to your favourite cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), and link to your files from anywhere on your website.


Below we will detail how we added the download to the above text.

1. Click on the Object or Text on your site you want to act as the download link, & the below pop-up will appear. Select the second option 'Link To'

2. A new pop-up will appear. Select the second option 'External URL'

3. A new pop-up will appear. Enter the Shared URL of your download and click 'Save'

In our download example, we hosted the file via Microsofts 'One Drive' which is a free service. There are many other services which do the same thing, Dropbox is probably the most famous but they all do the same thing. It would be common to use the text 'Click Here To Download File' as your wording to make it clear to your users.

Scroll back up to the top of the page to download our example file if you haven't already to follow the user experience.