Added By: Fernando
V1 May 2020

You can add two types of widgets to your site:

Site Widgets & Section Widgets.

A Site widget is a widget which will be added to an entire page of your Site.

A Section widget, on the other hand, will only be added only to the specific Section (Stripe) of which it is on.


1. Click on the 'Setting' drop-down menu icon menu bar, & click the 'Site Settings' option.

2. On the new window that has opened, click on the 'Page Widgets' tab, and choose the widget you wish to add.


1. Click on one of the elements of the required section, hover above the first row and hit the '+ Sign' to see the list of elements.

2. From the list of elements, choose the 'Widget' element on the far right.

This will open the 'Widgets' panel, and will allow you to add one of our widgets to the section.

You have two types of widgets: Inline and Media.

An Inline widget will be added to the section as a regular element. It will be located among the other elements of the section.

A Media widget needs a larger visible space, hence it will be added to the background of the section.

Each widget has its own set of settings.

Make sure to configure it to your needs!