Added By: Fernando
Updated feb 2021


1. Click on one of the elements in the stripe where you wish to add the video.

2. Hover over the first option, and click the White Plus (+) Button to add an Element.

3. A selection of elements for you to add will show up: choose the one with the 'Video Icon'.

4. A default video will appear in the stripe.

5. To change the video, click on it and a menu will pop up, select 'Edit Video'.

6. A new menu window will pop-up with the option to add YouTube or Vimeo video.

Make sure to choose the correct option for the respected video, enter the Video ID, and make sure only to enter the Video ID of the video and Not the whole link.

For example, for the video with this URL:, only enter ZbmfpqWo4_U

7. You can set the video to autoplay, change its size, mute it and make it loop.

8. Remove any text elements that you don't want to appear in the video stripe's foreground. To do so, click the element you wish to remove, hover over the first option, and click the Red Cross (x) Button.

Once you’re done, click Save to return to editing mode.