Added By: Fernando
V1 May 2020

There is more than one way to add Twitter to your website.

In this section, we will detail how to add a twitter feed to your website as a RAW HTML Code.

Alternately, To add a 'Twitter Widget', please see the alternate How To section Titled 'Adding Widgets' which will show you how to add a Twitter Widget to your site, and also some other widgets.

Both options behave slightly differently, one may suit your needs better so why not try them both.


Go HERE: & Enter your twitter URL in the required field.

You'll then see a new box with HTML code in it.

In order to embed a Twitter feed to your XPRS website you first need to create a widget on twitter.

Copy that code, and return to your Infinite Bloc website.

Add the code to your site using a RAW HTML Element.

See the How To section titled How To - Adding External Code To Your Site for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Note that Twitter is an external company not associated with us, & so they may change their functionality or connectivity and not tell us.

If you find the above connection method doesn't work then let us know and we'll update the connectivity method.